Herschel Walker: The perplexing defence of Herschel Walker

The perplexing defence of Herschel Walker

In 2018, a guy by the name of Frank Wilhoit penned the best quotation of the contemporary political age. Oddly enough, it was not the late political scientist Frank Wilhoit, but an Ohio-based composer of classical music named Frank Wilhoit.

The perplexing defence of Herschel Walker

“There is just one proposition in conservatism,” There must be in-groups that the law upholds but does not bind, as well as out-groups that the law disavows but does not uphold, according to Wilhoit.

You may counter that it’s an unnecessarily inflammatory generalisation, and in general, I’d agree. But Lordy, I’m having a hard time thinking of a better explanation for what transpired this week involving Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker.

According to a woman who claimed Walker, who has characterised himself as anti-abortion, paid for an abortion she had in 2009 when they were dating, the Daily Beast published the claim on Monday night.

The lady allegedly showed an abortion clinic receipt, a check made payable to her a few days later, a get-well card containing what seemed to be Walker’s unique autograph, as well as other items.

A buddy verified her story. Walker has referred to the claim as a “flat-out falsehood,” asserting that neither he nor anybody else has ever asked for or paid for an abortion.

The reporting from the Daily Beast has not been independently corroborated by any other news organisations, including The Washington Post.

Many Republican public leaders, whose party has always been vehemently opposed to abortion, responded in the public by either not believing the findings or not caring.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) stated that Herschel “has refuted these charges and Republicans stand with him.”

The victory of Herschel Walker in this race is crucial for both our nation and the great state of Georgia, according to a statement from former president Donald Trump.

The future of the nation is at stake in this election, according to Stephen Law, head of the Senate Leadership Fund. “Herschel Walker will improve things; Raphael Warnock is deteriorating them. Anything further is a diversion.

“I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to kill juvenile eagles in risk of extinction. On her radio programme, former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch declared, “Winning is a virtue” and added, “I want control of the Senate.”

They did well to make the point so obvious. For some conservatives, the Senate Republicans’ power to meddle in the private lives of others is more essential than Herschel Walker’s personal life. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) last month advocated a national abortion ban, a notion that Walker has indicated he would embrace.

This proposal came in addition to Republicans’ vigorous efforts to restrict abortions in the states they control.

It makes me feel a bit disgusting to be writing this piece. I tend to avoid making sweeping political generalisations, and furthermore, shooting fish in a barrel after they’ve already flopped down on the ground is a hard sport. But given how disgusting what is happening to Herschel Walker is, why not? Even if we can’t fix it, let’s name it.

Walker would be okay if he did suggest his girlfriend get an abortion. Couples are free to discuss their conception choices and decide whether or not to have children.

It would be acceptable if Walker paid for the abortion. It would actually be the one saving grace in the entire show. Generally speaking, males who help start a pregnancy should also help end it if their partner so chooses.

Even Walker’s current anti-abortion stance would be acceptable if the Daily Beast report is genuine. People’s opinions may and do shift. If placed in the position of counselling a girlfriend — or a wife, or a daughter, or a friend — on whether to seek an abortion and how to pay for it again, a guy who supported a partner’s abortion early in life would think and act differently 13 years later.

Such a man would be able to discuss what changed and why in an open and sincere manner. The emotional, spiritual, and scientific factors that would explain why something that previously felt right to him suddenly feels incorrect would have to be confronted head-on. Or describing how he ended up in a circumstance years ago that he had never anticipated.

However, I don’t believe that the majority of those who are presently putting up barriers and battling for Herschel Walker want anyone—especially Georgia voters—to grapple with anything. They want to dismiss all evidence that abortion is a personal choice that should ever be followed by reimbursements and get-well cards, in my opinion, before taking credit for saving the lives of the children.

What is unacceptable is for Republicans to use moral exemptions to protect themselves while imposing moral obligations on others that they do not adhere to themselves. This is known as the winning-is-a-virtue tactic. What is unacceptable is the notion that morality, and who it protects and binds, relies on whether someone is sporting a MAGA hat.

Stupid, it’s the hypocrisy. It’s the hypocrisy and the notion that certain well-known Republicans are willing to either reject any possibility that the story may be genuine or to support Herschel Walker’s use of the reproductive freedom that they want to restrict you in order to gain what they want.

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