Police: Over 40 FBI agents are looking for a missing child from Georgia.

Police: Over 40 FBI agents are looking for a missing child from Georgia.

In light of the possibility that a criminal element was involved in the abduction of 20-month-old Quinton Simon, police in Georgia said that more than 40 FBI agents and staff are helping with the search.

Police: Over 40 FBI agents are looking for a missing child from Georgia.

The toddler has been gone for about a week.

On Wednesday, Simon was reported missing. He was last seen that morning at six o’clock at his residence on Buckhalter Road close to Savannah while sporting a light blue Sesame Street shirt and black leggings.

Last week, according to the authorities, Simon’s mother’s boyfriend was the last person to see the youngster early on Wednesday. When the toddler’s mother woke up at 9:39 in the morning, she reported him missing.

During a news conference on Monday, Chatham County Police Chief Jeffrey Hadley stated that the department is still using all available investigative tools, including scores of FBI agents, to find the missing youngster.

We’re certain that this matter will be resolved with the FBI’s ongoing support, he added. “We recognise that individuals outside of Chatham County have developed an emotional attachment to this occurrence and the hunt for Quinton, and they are seeking explanations. Both those solutions and Quinton’s whereabouts are priorities for us.”

There is no evidence, according to police, that suggests that foul play was involved in the toddler’s absence, and they have searched for the possibility that the youngster may have wandered out on his own.

Hadley clarified on Monday, though, that although it’s still a case of a missing kid, they haven’t ruled out the idea that a criminal element may be involved.

He stated, “We are looking at it from numerous fronts, with a criminal inquiry being one of them. We can’t say for sure because nothing has been confirmed, but it is reasonable to suggest that we are also considering the criminal investigation element given our efforts and the FBI’s cooperation and amount of resources.

Hadley responded that everyone is being taken into account when asked if they are looking at family members who could be connected to Quinton’s disappearance.

“Every person is being observed. Everyone is getting a job interview. Everyone who was in touch with Quinton in the most recent period before his disappearance is being investigated and questioned “says he.

Hadley said last week that Simon’s mother and her partner were helping the police.

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