Michael Jackson wanted to open music schools, and according to Akon, both had big plans for Africa.

Michael Jackson wanted to open music schools and according to Akon both had big plans for Africa

Akon claims that he and Michael Jackson were contemplating opening many music-focused schools across Africa until the King of Pop passed away, cruelly derailing their plans.

Akon met up with us in New York City, where he talked to us about an idea he and Michael Jackson had when they were younger: a network of music schools on Akon’s native continent.

According to Akon and Michael, there was and still is a lot of untapped potential in Africa. As a result, they wanted to provide students with tools, infrastructure, and expert guidance to help them polish their talents.

Sadly, Michael passed away in 2009 before he and Akon could start any schools, but according to Akon, he still hopes to see them built.

It’s an intriguing discovery about Michael, and Akon explains why people shouldn’t be debating his legacy.

Akon has already worked a lot for Africa and tried his best to improve the conditions there.

The musician Akon’s “Akon Lighting Africa” project, which aims to supply the African continent with affordable, sustainable electricity, has given 14 African countries access to solar-powered electricity through the use of street lights and solar panels.

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