Beaches in Long Island forced to close down due to shark sightings


Communities in NYC flooded after severe storms

New York City was hit by a strong storm on Monday which caused the flooding of several communities of the region. A sudden flood was also reported in Parts of northern New Jersey. Cars were stranded on the roads and highways due to the rising water.
Weather alerts on severe thunderstorms and floods were issued by The National Weather Service for several regions including Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

Beaches in Long Island forced to close down due to shark sightings

Lido Beach in Long Island was closed after a lifeguard spotted a 7 foot long shark near the coast on Sunday morning. People were immediately rushed out of the water.
Cape Cod’s Nauset beach was also closed after the sighting of a white shark and confirmed by “Sharkitivity” app which tracks shark sightings.
More than 12 shark sightings were reported near Cape cod in 2 days.
Officials warn swimmers to take precautions since at least 4 people have been injured due to shark attacks so far this month.

Shortage of Monkey pox vaccine in New York

New York which has become the epicenter of the monkey pox virus, has now more than 600 cases. As the number of cases keep rising, the demand for the monkey pox vaccine skyrockets surpassing the supply.
Until now New York has received over 28000 doses of the vaccine. Many were unable to get an appointment for the vaccine because of the limited amounts. This weekend more than 9000 appointments were booked within few minutes in New York.
The state expects to receive over 32000 doses during the week. Health departments have recognized the seriousness of the outbreak and have planned to distribute them as soon as they receive.

U.S. Navy announces punishment to 20 sailors for arson in U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard assault ship

U.S. Navy has announced punishment for 20 sailors responsible for fire on U.S.C. Bonhomme Richard assault ship. This arson injured more than 60 military and firefighters in 2020 as well as destroyed the entire ship. Not only this, it took 4 days to extinguish this arson in the San Diego Naval Base.

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