Arroyo releases paper sayin he has never sexually assaulted anyone & more

arroyo &more

Police concluded that “no crime was committed” to end the 2005 investigation into the now-candidate for district attorney, according to records made public by The Ricardo Arroyo campaign.

“This new information validates what Ricardo Arroyo has been stating all along – he has never sexually assaulted anyone,” the campaign stated in a press release. Additionally, there were a few separate instances of authorities noting that the case was “unfounded” in the censored records.

Fonda revealed on Friday that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment

Jane Fonda revealed on Friday that she has non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer that develops in lymphatic system-associated white blood cells.

She revealed in a message on her verified social media account that she has been diagnosed with non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s and has started chemotherapy treatment.

“This cancer is curable. I consider myself very lucky because 80% of people survive “She composed.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is an immune system malignancy. Asserting that she is “taking the treatments fairly well,” Fonda claimed she will undergo chemotherapy for six months. She continued, “And, trust me, I will not let any of this interfere with my climate activism.”

Some patients learn they have NHL from an enlarged node in the neck, armpit, or groin, while any of the 600 lymph nodes in the body might swell for much less serious reasons. Additionally, other conditions can cause exhaustion, fever, chills, and night sweats, as well as unexplained weight loss and stomach bloating. Non-Hodgkin has no screening procedure.

The transphobic post, Brittany Aldean claimed she received “so much support”

After receiving criticism for a transphobic Instagram post, Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany said she has received “so much love” from the country music industry.

When asked about the reception in Nashville on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday, Brittany Aldean responded, “So much support, so much support.” “Especially those who are parents,”

However, Brittany said that she has also received some unfavorable remarks from “the opposite side.”

In light of the water crisis, the FBI questions Brett Favre about Mississippi welfare money

According to a report published on Thursday, Brett Favre’s lawyer said that the FBI had questioned his client over a Mississippi welfare fraud investigation.

As Jackson citizens continue to suffer the repercussions of a water crisis, the revelation sparked internet reaction from those who criticized state politicians for giving money to the affluent quarterback rather than repairing the state’s outdated water infrastructure.

Republican former governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant was charged in 2020 with paying Favre $1.1 million for promotional work, including motivational speeches, using funds from a TANF program.

City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega enters the Denver mayoral election

Debbie Ortega, a councilwoman for the city of Denver, announced her candidacy for mayor on Friday, adding another well-known figure to the city’s first election for mayor in more than ten years.

Ortega has a remarkably long history in Denver politics. She was originally chosen for the council in 1987 and held the position until 2003, when the imposition of new term limits forced her to step down. As with the current mayor, Michael Hancock, Ortega was then re-elected in 2011 to an at-large position on the council.

The councilwoman has primarily concentrated on environmental and transportation concerns, though she recently assisted in leading a failed push to forbid flavored tobacco and vaping goods in the city.

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