A man killed 3 police officers and 1 dog on issuance of warrant in ​​Kentucky

A man killed 3 police officers and 1 dog on issuance of warrant in ​​Kentucky

New York Governor banning firearms in many public places

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a bill that now prohibits keeping or carrying guns in sensitive places and in many public places.

Hochul signed the bill on Friday night, according to which it is now illegal to carry guns in government buildings, schools, airports, public transport, restaurants, worship places and Times square.

Oklahoma court fixes date of execution of 25 inmates

An Oklahoma court has set the date for executions for 25 inmates by 2024. The court has fixed the date of death of one prisoner almost every month for the next two years.

The date of hanging has been fixed from August 2022 to December 2024. The reason for the delay in the execution of all 25 of these prisoners was that since 2015, Oklahoma stopped serving the death penalty.

Now the appeal for pardon of all these prisoners has been terminated and the date of execution is fixed.

A man killed 3 police officers and 1 dog on issuance of warrant

3 police officers and 1 dog killed 5 cops are injured in a shootout by a man in rural mountainous area of ​​Kentucky. According to the authorities, the incident happened on Thursday evening due to the issuance of a warrant.

49-year-old killer Lance Storz has been taken into custody by the police. Earlier, the statement was given by the state police that two policemen had died, but on Friday night, Prestonsburg Police gave information through social media that of the third police officer also died.

Constitution amendment process passed in New York State Legislature to ensure right to abortion and contraception

A constitutional amendment was passed by the New York State Legislature on Friday, according to which the state’s constitution now Assured abortion and contraception rights.

On Friday, the first step was taken to add this amendment to the constitution. In the next Legislative session next year, this resolution will be voted on again by the lawmakers, after which the voters will have to vote to pass it by referendum.

President Biden to present Presidential Medal of Freedom next week

President Joe Biden is due to present the Presidential Medal of Freedom next week. Medal recipients include Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, 17 of the world’s leaders from the worlds of politics, civil rights, education, business, sports and entertainment, Actor Denzel Washington and The first American to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

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