8 Year Old Boy Shoots 1 Year Old Girl, USA Top 10 Headlines


News 1

National Transportation Safety Board investigators have arrived in Missouri to investigate the collision between Amtrak Train and Dump Truck in a rural area.

Let us tell you that 4 people who died have been confirmed so far, while the number of injured is being said to be more than 100.

News 2

Supreme Court Supports Football Coach Joe Canary in the case of Washington School District Vs Football Coach who who was suspended by the school district for praying after the game in the playground.

According to the court, which Canary’s speech is like a private speech amended by the First Amendment. that is not restricted by the school district.

The father of an 8-year-old boy has been arrested in a Florida motel room after the boy shoot a one-year-old girl with his father’s loaded gun.

News 3

This incident happened on Sunday night in Pensacola. According to the authorities, an 8-year-old boy Shoots 1-year-old girl with his father’s gun, after which the girl died on the spot.

Along with that the child also injured his 2-year-old sister. The boy’s 45-year-old father has been arrested and several sections, including negligence, have been imposed.

News 4

A case of human trafficking has come to light in San Antonio, in which 51 migrants were found dead due to heat in a semitruck.

This is a case of human trafficking brought across the border from Mexico. The driver of this truck and 2 others have been arrested.

News 5

Flint Water Crisis Case : The Michigan Supreme Court has declared invalid the charges against former top state officials who were convicted in the Flint Water Crisis.

The Supreme Court called the impeachment of nine people, including former Governor Rick, dangerous, under the Flint Water Crisis last year.

The Supreme Court also held that Michigan state law allows a judge to issue indictments as a one-man grand jury without preliminary examination.

News 6

Los Angeles County’s unanimous decision to finally break up a beach property that was taken away from a black couple.

Los Angeles County voted in a meeting Tuesday to return the land to the descendants of black couple Charles and Willa Bruce. Also described it as an attempt to rectify the mistakes of the past.

In fact, this place, known as Bruce’s Beach, located in Manhattan Beach, was grabbed by the city of Southern California in the 1920s by the Bruce Couple, which today after 100 years it is being decided to return their great grandsons.

News 7

Tina Peters, a Mesa County clerk who is accused of tampering with voting equipment and secretly copying voting information, she lost the bid for the Republican nomination for Colorado Secretary of State according to The Associated Press.

Peters defeated by longtime election official Pam Anderson. Pam has served as a Jefferson County clerk, recorder, and president of the statewide County Clerks Association.

News 8

A building owner in Philadelphia set fire to his own 3-story building. Part of the building fell on top of the firefighters present there. The authority said that a firefighter also died due to this incident.

The owner of the building, Al-Ashraf Buses Khalil has been arrested. The authority said that he had fled to Jordan, but it came back after the arrest warrant was issued. Two sections have been imposed on Khalil related to arson and false statement.

News 9

Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman, who co-founded Pinterest in 2010, is about to step down as CEO, and is going to take over the position of a newly created Executive Chairman of the Board post.

He will now be replaced by Bill Ready, who has come from Alphabet Inc.’s Google. Bill has held positions such as chief and director at companies such as PayPal and Venmo.

News 10

US health officials have expanded the number of people to vaccinate against the growing Monkey Pox virus.

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