18 month old toddler and father killed in Montana


In a small village in Montana near a national park, 37 year old Derick Madden, attempted to run over a family. He drove on a family with his vehicle and shot them while they were walking on a road in Montana. The horrific incident resulted in severe injuries and the death of 2 family members.

Madden allegedly hit a tree with his vehicle in an attempt of trying to run his vehicle onto the family, he got out of the vehicle and started shooting with a gun.

Two women were severally injured by the attack. One of them had been in a pervious relationship with the suspect.

Christy’s daughter, McKenzie, who was only 18 months old, died due to severe injuries. The toddler was holding her mother’s hand when she was shot. Her husband, David Siau who was 39 years old, was also killed by the suspect by being stabbed.

David was from Pompey and had gone on a vacation with his family and sister to Montana, the 3 children of David and Christy were present at the incident. It is said that the couple’s 2 other children were present during the incident but were able to get away without any injuries.

The other injured woman was identified to be David’s sister, 30 year old, Christina. Who had been in a previous relationship with the suspect, Madden.

It is said that the suspect was suffering from mental illnesses. The suspect was killed by Christina Siau, who despite her severe injuries, fought for her life and was able to protect herself when she was being attacked with a knife.

David’s wife, Christy, is in a critical condition and remains in the hospital. Investigations are still taking place regarding the incident in an attempt to find further information about the horrific events.

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